Located in Southern Maryland, MyTechLiving is dedicated to providing local businesses and residential properties with the IT and technical support they require at affordable rates. Whether it’s a network installation, IT consulting, or web design and hosting, MyTechLiving can provide any IT service you may require. With multiple technical certifications and more than 10 years of professional experience in both small business and enterprise environments, MyTechLiving can provide the knowledge and expertise required to plan and build whatever infrastructure you may require. With a focus on simplicity, security and business continuity, we strive to provide only the best, most reliable, services to fulfill all of your IT needs.

Why MyTechLiving?

MyTechLiving started as a platform to help spread technical knowledge through the use of social media. With YouTube being the primary means of sharing information, it has now grown into something so much more. Between this website, web forum, YouTube, and platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, the possibilities and opportunities are endless. Now, while MyTechLiving offers services other than just providing information, the original foundation is still firmly intact. We still believe knowledge is power, and by sharing our knowledge, we provide an outlet that our viewers, customers, and clientele can grab a hold of and capitalize on, with the only limitation being your will to learn and eagerness to grow. My goal with MyTechLiving has always been to take my knowledge and provide an outlet to share it with the world. I hope that someone, somewhere, will be able to take the information and make something of it.

About me

Let me start by introducing myself; My name is Patrick, and at the time of writing this, I am 27 years old. While this website is predominantly a front for my web design and photography businesses, I also want it to provide an outlet to share information that was not accessible when I was younger.

Let me explain; While i’m not that old, growing up in the 90’s and 00’s was a time when the internet was really starting to explode. Information was being added by the day, but much of it was so difficult to find, and sparse when you could find it, that it just wasn’t worth the effort. Now’a’days, it’s quite the opposite; information is so prolific, that it’s oftentimes difficult to siphon through both the good and bad information to find exactly what you want and need. Because we’ve been placed into such a predicament, I decided to create a forum to house various information that not only interests and intrigues me, but also so many others.

What do I do?

By trade, I am currently a Systems Administrator, however, over the years I’ve worked on IT Helpdesks, been a Network Engineer, an AV Programmer, and managed the backup systems in multi-billion dollar environments.  Having no formal education, I am almost entirely self taught. Although I did attend some college, it was to pursue a degree in Exercise and Sports Science; None of which has helped me in the IT world. Being self taught has allowed me to continue educating myself with whatever interests me at any given time. Sometimes it may be cars and other times it may be programming or photography, but the most important thing is that I am constantly looking to learn something new.

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