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Site Redesign & Becoming an LLC


Apr 2017
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It's now official, MyTechLiving is a Limited Liability Corporation. Because of this I have been reorganizing the business and re-thinking it's purpose. I originally started MyTechLiving for the social media aspect, specifically YouTube, and the website was an add-on. Now it's changed to the opposite as the website is the primary means of business with YouTube being the add-on.
Because of the redirection of MyTechLiving I will outline below the services that will be provided.
The primary service will be WordPress based web design.
The secondary service, which is directly linked to my other company and LLC, A & P Photogrpahy, will be photography and videography services.
The third service will be IT Consultations and Hardware/Software installation and configuration.
The final service will be that of providing information through Youtube, this website and social media in general.

Cliff-notes: Re-evaluating MyTechLiving after becoming an LLC. 
Services to provide, in order from primary to secondary;
  • Web-Design via WordPress
  • Photography & Videography
  • IT Consulting; Hardware & Software installation/configuration
  • Social Media presence

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