The following are only some of the Web based services provided by MyTechLiving, LLC. Many of these options, such as Web Design & Hosting, can be custom tailored to best suite your needs, so feel free to contact us and see how we are able to help!


Basic Website – Starting Price: $350

  • Up to 10 custom pages
  • Custom domain name (URL)
  • 1 year of hosting (Optional mult-year plans available)

Large/Business Website – Starting Price: $500

  • Up to 50 custom pages
  • Custom domain name(URL)
  • Multi-year hosting plans



  • Basic eCommerce integration – $150 Additional
  • Membership or Subscription services – $50(Requires eCommerce integration)

Specialized Additions

  • Google Ad-Sense integration – $50(Requires Google Adsense Account)
  • PHP based Web forum – $100(Fully customized site with unlimited categories & sub forums)
  • SEO optimization

* The above items are a one time fee and are associated with the creation of a single website. For continued support & site updates, please see below for continued support packages.

**All websites have a three month grace period and include all updates & changes free of charge during that duration. After the grace period has expired, a Support package will be required for all additional updates & changes.

Support Packages

Support packages are purchased on a monthly or yearly recurring schedule, or are offered at a one time fee.


Unlimited updates during normal business hours (Includes eCommerce & Web forum) 

  • 1 Month – $200; 3 Month – $350; 6 Month – $550

24/7 Support – Unlimited edits & Changes to all components of website

  • 6 Month – $1200 ; 1 Year – $2000


  • Single page update, change and/or correction.  – $25
  • Full site update/redesign, layout change, etc.(Does not include Large/Business Website) – $150

Note: Any design, grammatical and/or spelling mistakes that are discovered at a later time are corrected immediately, free of charge. Full page updates, picture updates/changes, or layout changes require one of the above packages.

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