A'PEXi PFC Files, Documents, Maps, Etc.

After many years of the resources being lost and mishandled, I wanted to provide a home for the documents and files to support the A’PEXI PFC, specifically for the Toyota MR2 Spyder. The following resources and files are the culmination of years of research and discovery. Many of these files are no longer available from their original sources, and are only housed here and a few other locations. I hope that anyone that requires any of these are able to find them and use them for their original, intended purposes.

The following files and documents have been/were accumulated over the years through Spyderchat.com, mr2spyder.net, and various other locations. Software such as Co-Pilot is the sole property of the user kevinbeane/their creators, and are being provided for our use free of charge.

Many of these files would not be possible without the time/effort he put-forth towards the MR2 Spyder/automotive communities. I am providing all of these files and the usage of them in their original form, free of charge, the way they were intended to be. Any/All property, both physical and intellectual, belongs to their rightful owners. If said owner has any issues with me hosting these files, please contact me directly on the Contact page.

PFC/Commander Documents(Japanese - MR2)

A'PEXi PFC Tunes/Maps

The following maps are a combination of both stock and modified maps. All files included are considered AS-IS. Although many of these files and tunes have been tested by myself and others, any map and/or software provided on this site(www.mytechliving.com) is the sole responsibility of the user, and Mytechliving, LLC holds no responsibility, or liability of any damages that may occur by their use. Please take extreme caution when using these files.

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