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This is MyTechLiving

MyTechLiving, LLC is a startup tech company specializing in online and remote technical services and solutions. We provide a welcoming environment and a can-do attitude to ensure all of our customers are comfortable entrusting us with all of their technical needs.

It's not about the work we do; It's about the relationships we form along the way that speaks for the work we do.

Solutions built with the small business in mind.

Small businesses are oftentimes caught between taking shortcuts to cut costs and doing what is necessary to ensure the business functions on a daily basis. We want to bridge that gap by providing cost effective solutions that also provide the quality and all of the features and functions expected out of a large scale enterprise network supporting all of the biggest companies.

Always connected

Stay connected by providing your employees with only the best resources to do their job as effectively as possible. The new standard should only be the right tool for the job, not cutting corners to save on costs.

A proper backbone

The backbone of every business is the network it’s built upon. As a small business you shouldn’t have to decide between a safe and secure network and saving money and cutting costs.

Moving to the cloud

Going cloud shouldn’t be a scary decision. An environment built on a cloud infrastructure can be one of the best decisions a small business makes. Continuity, security and cost savings are only a few of the many benefits.


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