A little Backstory

Founded in 2016, MyTechLiving started as a platform to help spread technical knowledge through the use of various forms of online social media. What started with a YouTube channel quickly branched off and began providing Online Web hosting, web design & development for local small businesses. From there, we kept the momentum moving forward and branched off into System Engineering & Administration, and most recently began working with three of the largest wholesalers in the US to provide competitive pricing for enterprise and consumer IT hardware, software and services. Our goal is to find a way to take technology and make it work in a way that makes your life easier, more affordable, and without being intrusive and in the way.

A personal note about MyTechLiving

Hi, my name is Patrick and I founded MyTechLiving, LLC back in 2016. As stated above, MyTechLiving originally started as just a YouTube channel, sharing my passion and knowledge of Technology. Since it’s inception, MyTechLiving has continued to grow and evolve, drastically changing over the years, and slowly forming into what it is now. What is it? well, I can’t really say as it really is just a matter of taking a random thought out of my brain on any given day and running with it. The foundational core of MyTechLiving is to not limit yourself, but rather take technology and making it work for you. It doesn’t matter if it’s a google search to learn something new, a technical course at your local college, crypto mining, hosting a website, or anything else your can dream up. What matters is that we have all of this amazing technology that surrounds us, that is an integral part of our daily lives, so why not take it, embrace it, harness it, and make it work for us in a way that betters us and those around us.

About Me

I’ll keep this quick, short and to the point. I’m pretty much a one-man-band. I’ve had little bits of help along the way but i’d say 99% of what you see, read and touch with your mouse(or finger) is all me. Websites, Photos, Videos, Crypto mining Pools… It’s all me. It’s taken time, It will take more time, but it’s what I enjoy and what drives me. I’m a Sys-admin by trade with a focus on web based applications, so it’s all in my wheel-house… With that said, I refuse to limit myself, and If I put my mind to it, there’s a good chance I’ll achieve it… That’s just my drive and eagerness to learn. Want to learn more about what makes me tick? check out my personal blog at patricklipp.com