How can MyTechLiving help you?


IT Hardware & Software Procurement

Competitive pricing on all of your IT Hardware, Software and Licensing needs.

IT Consulting & System Engineering

Home, Small Business or Enterprise Systems; We have experience designing, building and managing it all.

Custom Web Hosting &

Responsive websites built for any device or screen size, as well as affordable hosting with 99% uptime guaranteed.


Founded in Southern Maryland, and now servicing the greater Charleston, South Carolina area, MyTechLiving, LLC provides various technical services, as well as Hardware, Software and enterprise License procurement. While we cater primarily to small businesses, we’re qualified and capable of handling even the most demanding enterprise and government networks and systems. With a foundation of Government and DoD System Engineering & Administration, we’re ready to handle whatever task you throw at us, no matter how big or complex it may be.

Our Experience

With more than 10 years of experience supporting enterprise level System Engineering and Administration for the Department of Defense and military, MyTechLiving can provide the skills required to fulfill any and all of your technical needs.

Our Specialties

Here at MyTechLiving, LLC, we consider our selves a team of self driven Entrepreneurs and Creatives alike. Therefore, we do not feel limited, or held back when we do not know something. While our background is formed on the basis of Web Based applications, we are capable of so much more. Having more than 10 years of experience supporting various DoD and Military clients and customers, we have a strong background in the management and administration of large scale, and secure environments. This gives us a special understanding of implementing high availability, and secure systems from the ground up. 

Web Based?

Web based applications are what we eat, sleep and breath. If it’s accessible via a web browser, chances are, it’s right down our alley. We offer specialized solutions for the hosting of these applications with varying degrees of customization. 

Our Consulting Philosophy.

We want to understand you and your requirements. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what we want or think, because this isn’t our environment or our systems. We want to understand what your needs are; what your comfortable with, and what you’ll be able to support. Therefore, we take a listen, look then speak approach. We ask questions first and listen to you. We then assess your needs by looking at your current environment and the systems, solutions and policies you have in place. We then formulate a plan, outlining changes and modifications to your current environment, outline possible cost savings, highlight security risks, and then provide outlines at both a high and low level so that you can best understand, while also having the granular detail to act on any solutions should you desire.

Our Goals


Having your systems online when they’re needed is paramount to a successful business. If you can’t access your resources, you can’t do your job, and oftentimes that means lost revenue. 


Making sure your software, systems and proprietary data stays the way you intend them should be a key focus when managing a successful business. If your data’s integrity is lost by unintentional changes, sabotage, or any number of factors, you need a way to get it back. 


In todays day-in-age, security should be a top priority. When you’re dealing with insider and trade secrets, the last thing you need is for that data to get into the wrong hands. We will plan accordingly while ensuring all aspects of your environment are safe and secure.


While cost should be the last thing you consider when building or upgrading your network and systems, it is understandable that it is a consideration. This is why we want to make sure it’s considered, that it’s understood, and that it is